Hot Sauce Foudre by Maison Martin 200ml


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Made from pure Habanero peppers grown in France, This hot sauce is 'EXTRA HOT'
An Intensely burning sauce yet with a lively fruity aroma and rich flavour. For the Hot sauce lovers, this is definitely the one to go for. 100% Made in France with locally grown peppers.
Scoville scale: approximately 120,000 SHU"
Founded by three cousins, in the heart of Yvelies,just 3km from the Palace of Versailles, Maison Martin is a hot sauce brand run by experts, focused on quality and local products. Eash cousin with their foundation in High end culinary and business careers bring their expertise to the brand, their dedication to quality product and ingredients. They source all of their ingredients from local farmers throughout the country and travel to procure small batches of peppers and spices by hand.
Preserved, Condiment,


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Hot Sauce Foudre by Maison Martin 200ml
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