Le Soumaintrain 400g


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Presented in a wooden box, the Epoisses’ cousin is washed for six weeks to two months with salt and water and not with alcohol. This gives it a subtle taste. When ripe, the cheese obtains wrinkles with a smelly and wet rind. The dough will be chalky when young and very creamy and sweet after maturation. The flavour is increased with ageing and it reveals a taste of soil and a powerful smell.


Raw Milk – Cow – Raymond, Jean and now Olivier keep valuing the tradition of the manufacture of the washed ring since 1920. This Burgundian cheese factory is now trying to expand and modernise the business while they maintain the heritage of this expertise.


Lait de Vache - Cow Milk

Pate Molle Croute Lavee - Soft with Washed Rind