Le Coulommiers 400g


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Its rind is soft and fluffy white and the dough is ivory and a bit chalky in the center. The dough is studded by small holes. The scent of the cheese is all about mushrooms and sour cream. When it is a bit mature, it gets a powerful bouquet.


Raw Milk – Cow – Company created in 1930 by Etienne Donge, it is now a reference in the manufacture of the king of the cheese. Located in the Meuse department, the dairy is ran since 2002 by brothers Jean Michel and Luc. They sell their Brie and Coulommiers essentially to Cheese mongers and wholesalers around France and overseas. The coulommiers was created to solve the issue of transporting big cheeses such as bries, weakened by their large size.


Lait de Vache - Cow Milk

Pate Molle Croute Fleurie - Soft with Bloomy Rind