Le Brie de Melun


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The king of cheeses, the Brie de Melun, has a thin wrinkled and white rind dough, which is yellowish/brown, creamy with a chalky texture in the center. The smell of the rind is slightly bitter and the paste smells just like sour cream. The texture is supple and the taste is slightly salty, tonic and has persistent undergrowth aroma.


Raw Milk – Cow – The Saint Faron manufacture started many centuries ago. Indeed, in 670, Saint Fiacre, an Irish noble, invited by the bishop, started to make cheese for the poor. Today, the cheese makers of Saint Faron continue to make the cheese in the long ancestral tradition of the Abbaye.


Lait de Vache - Cow Milk

Pate Molle Croute Fleurie - Soft with Bloomy Rind