Champagne Brut 4 Elements Chardonnay Domaine Hure Freres 2015


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The grapes are grown on a single vineyard, Les Blanches Voies in Rilly la Montagne, on a very chalky soil with south exposure. A varietal and vintaged Champagne which offers a tremendous picture of what can Chardonnay offer in a top chalky terroir on the 2015 vintage.


Georges Huré created the domaine in 1960. The name Huré Frères came about in 1971 when Georges passed on management of the domaine to his three sons—Jean Marie, Marc and Raoul. Since 2008, the new generation represented by François and Pierre has been at the head of the estate. Previous experiences in Burgundy and around the world helped them to appreciate the traditional farming and respect for terroir of the old world and the efficient modern techniques of the new one. Both serve them to create the terroir-driven and focused cuvées that mark the Huré Frères style today.


100% chardonnay