Domaine Jean Sandrin


Located in Celles sur Ources (Côte des Bar), the Sandrin family is growing vines since 4 generations. It’s only in 1963 that Jean Sandrin started his own brand. Today the domaine is run by his son who’s working a vineyard mainly planted on hillsides with a southern exposure. The 11 hectares vineyard is mainly made of soils with a high proportion of clay laying on top of limestone with vines age raging from 5 to 60 years old.

The vines are farmed in “lutte raisonnée” and the vinification is a typical traditional Champagne vinification. The cellars combine state-of-the art facilities with traditional techniques ensuring that ancestral skills and experience are backed up by technical innovation. A small amount of reserve wines (20%) is incorporated into the blend in order to guarantee the intense, creamy taste that makes Sandrin unique.

“The wines are charming and show a typical roundness and lovely structure. The value for money is amazing”