Domaine Berthaut-Gerbet


Amélie Berthaut inherited all of her father’s vineyard (Domaine Denis Berthaut) and part of her mother’s vineyard (Domaine François Gerbet). It forms a 16 hectares vineyard spread from Vosne-Romanée to Fixin, where domaine Berthaut-Gerbet is located. Besides, Fixin is the heart of the domaine and probably what makes it very interested to follow – good quality Fixin being pretty hard to find. Indeed, Amélie is restoring this underestimated vineyard to its former glory. Even though she is very hard working. Amélie’s humility made her acknowledge that she couldn’t achieve such thing on her own and hired her fiancé as vineyard manager. Her fiancé being no less than Nicolas Faure – Former employee at Prieuré Roch, DRC and Chave and winemaker on his own at the renowned Nicolas Faure micro estate. Domaine Berthaut Gerbet is now armed to become one of burgundy’s leaders.

Vines are farmed organically except when it comes to fight a very intense mildew attack.

Amélie tends to vinify using more and more whole cluster although its use can vary from 0 to 60%. Fermentation takes place in concrete tanks and extraction is very gentle. A little sulphur is used at harvest and then only after the late malos. Wines are aged in barrels and due to the size of some cuvée, new oak can represent up to 50% although Amélie aims to keep it between 0% to 25%.

“The wines are feminine and display a charming and deep fruit expression. They’re also firmly structured and made for ageing. In a way they are contemporary and refined, although classic and deeply rooted in an aged worthy Pinot tradition”